Afundación is an entity fundamentally committed to education. We make this commitment by fostering education itself as a scientific subject that is decisive in development for individuals and entire populations. Furthermore, we are also an organization that continually encourages educational innovation at all levels and in all modalities (both formal and informal). In keeping with this organizational identity and mission, we are announcing the first biennial “Afundación International Award for Educational Research”.

Nominations shall be given by companies and organizations in the educational field.

€12,000 award and a certificate.

Consideration for this award is compatible with any other award, assistance, scholarship or subsidy that nominees might be receiving.

Each and every candidate that Afundación deems to have met the eligibility requirements will be evaluated by the jury. There will be no prior shortlisting process.

The award will be given every two years.

Inscription until 28 February 2023.


Teaching career.

Publication of books and/or monographs by prestigious publishing houses.

Publication of articles in peer-reviewed journals.

Supervision of and participation in significant research activities.

Impact of peer-reviewed publications, techniques or strategies of educational innovation.

Supervision of doctoral dissertations.

Organization of congresses and/or seminars of international scope.

Awards previously received.

Media profile.


Nominations for the award will be accepted as of 1 October, 2021 through 28 February, 2023.

No additional documents will be accepted after the deadline except as required by Afundación. Documents submitted to Afundación will not be returned.