About us

In Afundación we seek to motivate a fairer, more committed and sustainable society by carrying out projects in four main areas: education, culture, active ageing and voluntary services, with sustainability and education as principles inherent in all aspects of our work.

our work focuses on

Developing learning at all stages of life, encouraging the growth of young people’s skills for the future.

Boosting an active role for older people in society, addressing the challenge of an ageing population and revolutionizing longevity.

Spreading culture as the backbone of knowledge.

Fostering social services and participation from citizens through social and ecological volunteering.

All of this is done to favor quality over quantity in the programs.

In the educationAL field

We implement programs that are inclusive and adapted to all stages of life. We therefore play a pivotal role in Galicia in formal education from kindergarten up to higher education, with occupational and university training, as well as developing a complete extracurricular timetable for all ages.

We introduce our proposals in all areas of our wide range of facilities, in which there are two professional training sites in A Coruña and Vigo, as well as the Afundación Student Hall in Pontevedra, the Afundación Kindergarten in Zalaeta, and the +60 spaces at our main facilities and sites.

In collaboration with ABANCA, we are fostering the creation of the Intercontinental University of Business (UIE), the first private university aimed at public service in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula.